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Dear teachers and homeschooling parents – Virtual learning options are now more important than ever.  These resources come to you directly from the U.S. Courts and from the Judicial Learning Center in St. Louis. See below for NEW LAW DAY ACTIVITIES, PODCAST ACTIVITIESVIDEO ACTIVITIES, ONLINE LEARNING MODULES, and ADAPTABLE LESSON PLANS.

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Law Day

Since 1958, the U.S. President has annually recognized Law Day, and in 1961, Congress passed a joint resolution designating May 1 as the national day set aside to celebrate the rule of law.  Below you will find resources for teaching and learning about the 2020 theme: “Your Vote, Your Voice, Our Democracy: The 19th Amendment at 100.”  These resources are all designed with at-home-learning in mind.

Visit our Law Day Lesson Plans page HERE for the 2020 resources.

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Landmark Cases Podcasts

Landmark Cases Podcast Activity Sheet    WORD     PDF

Podcast Listening Activity

Podcast Listening Guide    WORD     PDF

Create a Podcast Lesson Plan

Lesson Description   WORD     PDF

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For each of the topics, there is a U.S. Courts video featuring federal judges and other court officials from around the country.  Each video has a corresponding student activity sheet.

Separation of Powers

Separation of Powers Activity Sheet WORD
Separation of Powers Activity Sheet PDF

Judicial Independence

Judicial Independence Activity Sheet WORD
Judicial Independence Activity Sheet PDF

Rule of Law

Rule of Law Activity Sheet WORD
Rule of Law Activity Sheet PDF

Jury Service

Jury Service Activity Sheet 1 WORD
Jury Service Activity Sheet 1 PDF

Jury Service Activity Sheet 2 WORD
Jury Service Activity Sheet 2 PDF

Right to Counsel

Right to Counsel Activity Sheet WORD
Right to Counsel Activity Sheet PDF

Careers in the Judicial Branch

Career Videos (Follow this link to a landing page for the videos)
Careers Activity sheet WORD
Careers Activity sheet PDF

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For each of the topics, there is an online learning module.  Each smaller section within a topic module ends with an online quiz.  There are pre- and post- tests for each module.  There is also an optional student sheet for each (click on webquest) to follow along with the quizzes.

The Role of the Federal Courts


Organization of the Federal Courts


How Courts Work


Landmark Cases

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Some of our lesson plans can easily be adapted for students working at home.

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