The Supreme Court and My Hometown

Groundbreaking Collaboration Brings Civics Education Program Launch to St. Louis

The Supreme Court Historical Society, the United States Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit, the Eastern District Court of Missouri and the Federal Bar Association, St. Louis Chapter Launch “The Supreme Court and My Hometown” Program for St. Louis Area High School Students at the Thomas F. Eagleton US Courthouse.

The “Hometowns” program, a nationwide initiative, kicking-off in St. Louis in fall 2023, engages high school students, over the course of a semester, in an intensive study of the process and substantive issues of cases decided by the Supreme Court of the United States in a unique and personalized way. A distinguishing feature of this program is that students focus on a Supreme Court case that originated in their hometowns and local courts. The St. Louis program explores both the Constitutional questions as well as the procedural history of Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier (1988). The course of study will immerse the students in an analysis of the facts, trials, and appeals that led to the Supreme Court decisions.

The program encourages students to interact with their local government and communities based on what they have learned throughout their study. At the end of the program sessions, students will design an installation in the Judicial Learning Center at the Thomas F. Eagleton Courthouse as a capstone project that further solidifies their learning, enhances their creative skills, and engages with their community.

Questions?  Contact Nicole Maffei, Director of Civics Education, Supreme Court Historical Society

2023 Hometowns Scholars and Cathy Kuhlmeier

2023 Hometowns Scholars and Cathy Kuhlmeier