The Supreme Court and My Hometown

Applications are now open for Fall 2024 in St. Louis!

The Supreme Court and My Hometown is the national civics program of the Supreme Court Historical Society. This initiative engages high school students in a thorough study of the process and substantive issues of a case decided by the Supreme Court of the United States in a unique and personalized way. Participants will learn how the Judicial Branch interacts with the other two branches of government and their role and responsibilities as active citizens. Hometowns also encourages students to interact with their local government and community based on what they have learned in the study. A distinguishing feature of this program is the focus on Supreme Court cases that originated in the students’ hometowns and local courts. Both the Constitutional questions and procedural history of the cases will be explored through a local lens.

The purpose of Hometowns is to teach students about the role of the Supreme Court and its independence in our system of government, as well as the work of the federal court system, through a review of cases that enable students to connect more easily with the Court – in effect, to bring the Court “down to earth.” The course of study immerses students in a review of the facts, trials, and appeals that led to Supreme Court decisions. At the end of the inquiry sessions, students will complete a Capstone Project that further solidifies their learning and enhances their creative skills. Each final project is unique to each community and is specifically designed to promote increased understanding of the impact of the case.

This is an extracurricular program outside of the classroom. We recognize that classroom time is limited, and educators would be challenged to incorporate such an enhanced and intense study for their students on top of their curriculum. Legal mentors from the community will be recruited to assist students with their understanding of the judicial system and the selected case. Hometowns also responds to students’ desire for more in-depth, experiential, and locally related learning. Each program is locally sponsored and supported by the local federal court in partnership with the Supreme Court Historical Society. If you know any high school students in our upcoming cities, please encourage them to apply!

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Attention Interested Students:

Applications are now open for Fall 2024 in St. Louis. Visit the website of the Supreme Court Historical Society to apply today. Application deadline is May 31, 2024.

Questions? Contact Nicole Maffei, Director of Civics Education, Supreme Court Historical Society

2023 Hometowns Scholars and Cathy Kuhlmeier

2023 Hometowns Scholars and Cathy Kuhlmeier, of Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier